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Un jour à Guérande

Situation                             Guérande (44)
Maitrise d’ouvrage        Mairie de Guérande
Maitrise d’oeuvre
          Fréquence (architecture + ingénierie), Victor Emmanuel (paysagistes)
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Guérande is a place full of charm with a variety of places to discover. The stone masonry landscape, the remarkable history, and the location in the heart of the unique region of the Marais Salants captures many visitors each” year. However, its inner-city center captures most of this atractiveness to the detriment of
the adjoining faubourgs.
Indeed, thick granite ramparts mark the separation between an attractive, dynamic, pedestrian intramuros, and a hybrid and fragmented extra-muros, where neglected spaces are housed and have strong location assets as residential function or free public place.

What is the identity, the vocabulary, and the strength of each one of these fragmented areas ? How can they be tied together to provide a high quality experience to both locals and visitors?

«Walking through Guérande» is an invitation to explore the extra-muros Guérande in a different way : by investing in urban neglected places at different scales, we offer a new reading «outside the walls» of the city, with 4 axes of reflection:
A route through the singular landscapes of Guérande
Seeking to provide quality and site sourced answers to the areas as a continuity between each of them but with their own assets, we propose to guide you through the “Chemin de la Découverte” from North to South of the city – with its journey as mentioned in the Guide Plan of Guérande- going through these transformed and revealed places we have thought about.
In her journey, Margaux -our guide- will successively discover the new figure of what used to be called the “Parc de La Coulée Verte” being changed to the “Parc du Château d’Eau”, the large esplanade Athanor in the heart of the city, enjoying walking along the ramparts in a wider and human scale landscape, crossing the small remodelled parking Gaudinais and finally arriving in the rural landscape of the Petit Paradis, which has much to offer.
Spot out and identify what makes each place unique and requires appropriate answer.

Contrary to a global urban project that would seek to unify these sites and therefore to erase their specificities, we have sought to reveal the intrinsic qualities of each place.
Indeed, during our visit to Guérande, we were struck by the diversity of the landscapes crossed: a clearing, a large asphalt parking place, a façade of ramparts, a small valley covered of trees, salt marshes facing the ocean… So many landscape sequences which constitute the richness of the Guérande territory and which deserve to be revealed. As so, each site was the subject of a specific response in line with its needs and its landscape. Borrowing a common vocabulary from the Guérande heritage, the interventions we propose along the route are intentionally simple and low-tech, such as a dry stone wall to hide a parking lot, a wooden pavilion to signify a halt, a footbridge on stilts to preserve an ecosystem.

Lanscapes’ sequences in Guérande 
Project’s timeline

Provide scalable and timeframe solutions
To ensure the solution we provide can be transformed into realities, our process has been based on various time frames:
Short term: start with the structural necessities for future operation such as leveling and stone work of the Gaudinais, the foot and cycle bridge of Petit Paradis, summer pavilion along the battlements.
Long term : to successively transform and connect the new large city figures; the construction of new dwellings along the Parc du Château d’Eau and in Kerbenet, the construction of a level parking and the transformation of the esplanade Athanor.

This sequenced time frame allows to bring in with good conditions various actors concerned all along the process of each project : citizens, institutions, non lucrative organizations etc… to contribute to some construction phases such as the temporary pavilions and some transition projects. Architects, real estates, urban planners and landscape architects will provide their expertise to process the large operations such as habitat, public spaces etc…

Ponder the role of the car in the city and bring in clever alternatives to its monople
The impact of cars for Guérande is a major topic because we can clearly feel we could appreciate the various places in a better way if there’s less cars to disturb the calmness and pleasure provided by these walls, these trees and all these large open places. “Walking through Guérande” tries to imagine the reduction of car impact without denying its major role and function for the life of the city.

With the installation of minibus, a cycle path and storage, leveled parking close to the Parc du Château d’Eau we would like to take this opportunity of transforming the city with the challenge of using much more “soft mobilities”.